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Snatam Kaur – Amul Live (ft. Grecco Buratto, Ram Dass & Sukhmani) Miami 10/21/19 [Official]

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“Amul Live” is the second single from Snatam Kaur Live Volume 2. Beginning with the delicate interplay of two acoustic guitars and Snatam’s transcendent chanting of the sacred word “Amul” from the teachings of Guru Nanak, the first guru of the Sikhs, the track swells with the accompaniment of audience voices, then segues into an uplifting melodic rendition of Guru Nanak’s poem. It then moves to Snatam’s beautifully improvised translation of Guru Nanak’s poem.

The word “Amul” means priceless, and the mantra praises the pricelessness and expansiveness of the Divine’s gifts. Released just in time for the holidays, the track encourages stepping back from seasonal materialism and embracing the richness of the heart’s connection to the Divine’s energy, understanding that we are infinitely wealthy in our inner connection with God —the true home. The song is a meditation for people to tune into the wealth of their heart and of being present.

“Amul” is one of six tracks on Snatam Kaur Live Volume 2 and features Ram Dass and Grecco Buratto on guitars and Sukhmani Rayat on the calabash. It was recorded on October 21, 2019, at the Julius Littman Performing Arts Theater in Miami and is released by Be Why Music. To listen to the album, or see Snatam Kaur and her band live visit: and to study with Snatam on her online school:

Credit listing:
Snatam Kaur: Vocals, Harmonium
Sukhmani Rayat: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Tabla, Percussion
Grecco Buratto: Acoustic Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ram Dass Khalsa: Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Nylon String Guitar
Mixed and Mastered by Ram Dass Khalsa
Recorded and Engineered by Amar Sachdev
Lyric Video by
Photos by:,,,

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