Take Me In – Snatam Kaur đŸŽ¶



Video vom 15.10.22


Take me in – Snatam Kaur
In the Grace of Thy heart
In the flow of this crazy crazy life
I meditate on Thy name
Burning inside like a warm warm flame

Take me in Take me in
To where I end and you begin
To the place where I don’t know
Exactly how this story will go
In your love in your love
I can finally breathe
I can finally be me

As the sun rises in the sky
My spirit has already taken flight
Nothing more can I say
I serve Thy light each and every day

Mantra: Wahe guru Wahe guru
(Wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru)

Lots of Love and Happiness2All)

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